5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Temp Work


If you’re struggling to find work, or simply want a working life that is more flexible, becoming a temporary employee (or a ‘temp’) could be the answer.

Whatever your reason for opting in to temporary work, you should register with our highly skilled consultants to find the placement that works for you. We have access to a wide range of temp roles in sectors such as finance, manufacturing, office services, HR and law.

Temping is a great way to build up experience and experience several different working environments without the constraints and pressures of holding down a full-time, permanent job.

Short-term employment can open up so many doors, or it can simply be a way to keep dipping your toe in employment.

Here are five reasons why you should consider becoming a temp:


You are in control of your career and it’s far easier to take career breaks and fit your job around your life – you can see why temping is appealing for workers with young families or care responsibilities. Although not having a fixed job may be scary at first, it’s easy to become addicted to the freedom of doing temporary work when you want.

Opportunities to Learn

You might well be an experienced HR advisor, but have you considered working for a newspaper or a whisky distillery? So many different industries require the same roles, so this will give you an excellent opportunity to transfer your skills across different sectors. New opportunities to learn can be very refreshing and can offer the chances to gain experience in new systems, policy and processes.

Quick way to ensure income

You may find yourself in the middle of a somewhat unending job search. If you’ve been unemployed long-term, temping is a great way to provide a short-term solution to a lack of income. While you’re still looking to secure a permanent job, temping will provide you with some wages – and perhaps a better idea of where to take your career.

Plug CV gaps

It’s one of the most dreaded questions at a job interview – explaining any gaps in your CV. Temping allows you to continue being in employment so there aren’t any long periods of unemployment to explain. It will keep you up to speed with any developments in your chosen sector and perhaps give you the chance to develop your skillset – something you can add to your CV with pride.

Long term prospects

Often, temporary roles can lead a company to offer you permanent or longer-term employment, which is great if that is your ultimate goal. It gives an employer a chance to see how you work and how enthusiastic you are – so remember to give any temporary post your best. A high percentage of our temps here at HR Consultancy are offered more permanent employment as a result of their initial placement.

Our team are always on hand to give you advice about becoming a temp worker. Contact our specialist temp recruiters to discuss your options – 0141 353 1133.


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