Corporate Social Responsibility & Culture

The 2017 UN Report, ‘Progress Towards the Sustainable Development Goals’, outlines seventeen global issues that still require action until equality, safety and fairness become the everyday.

Goal 8 within the report is to provide decent work; reducing the unemployment rate, with particular regard to young people. As a recruitment agency, this is something that is clearly in keeping with our mission to find work for as many of our candidates as we can. In seeking to achieve this goal, we have partnered with The Prince’s Trust (Scotland) and regularly take part in fundraising events and volunteering days.

We have also hosted our own charity quiz night and Hallowe’en themed Bake Off to raise money for thetrust. Further to this, we have also taken part in the Mary’s Meals Backpack Campaign, giving children in Africa access to basic school supplies such as pencils and notebooks so that they can remain in education and, hopefully, go on to have a career.

Goal 3 talks about working towards better health and wellbeing. Mental health within the workplace is particularly important, as is getting the work/life balance right. This is something that is reflected in our Employee Value Proposition; offering benefits such as flexible working, free gym memberships or cinema cards and free fruit in the office. We also dedicate our blog to Mental Health Awareness Week related content in May.

Another important objective is found in Goal 5; striving towards gender equality through the empowerment of women and girls and countering deeply rooted gender-based discrimination. Here at HRC Recruitment, we are pleased to be led by both a female CEO and Founder. We offer part-time and flexible working solutions to those who are juggling work and parenthood. We also celebrate International Women’s Day via content and social media takeovers.

In addition to monetary assistance, we have recognised that we can support charities through our core business activity of finding the right candidate for the job. Our mission – to marry up jobs and talent – can support charities by helping them to find appropriately skilled members of staff or trustees. This gives the candidate in question great career opportunities to enhance their CV and experience but, in turn, offers a service to the charity and provides them with a reliable member of staff.

Your company values should inform how every part of your business performs and how you communicate both internally and externally. Every business is going to have a different message and different goals. And, sometimes, it is appropriate to be reactive. For example, many in our team read about the number of Scottish families struggling on low incomes and promptly organised a business- wide drop to our local food bank. Or, during Christmas time, we organised gifts for children of all ages across Glasgow as part of the One Parent Families festive campaign.


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