Benefits of Employing Temp Workers

Jackie Shields

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run. You could head up an insurance company, a manufacturing firm or a call centre. At certain times of year, or for a particular project, you could always use an extra pair of hands.

This is where hiring temporary workers (or ‘temps’) comes in to play.

Temps are often very highly skilled individuals who can step in at the last minute to resolve your recruiting crisis. They can fill a gap quickly and come equipped with all the relevant skills and knowledge. There’s also no obligation for a long-term commitment on an employer’s part.

Surely this is a win-win situation? We take a look at five reasons why you should consider hiring temps as part of your business.

Candidates can start immediately

If you have deadlines to meet and you’re facing a skills shortage – a temp worker is perfectly placed to step in at the last minute and make an immediate impact. They might also be able to bring a fresh perspective to a long-term project that has gone stale. Temps know their time with a company is a short one, so they almost always make the most of it.

Candidates have a high skills set

Temp workers don’t need to be trained up, they are often experts in their field. So if you need someone to come in to your business with a niche skills set, temp candidates are the answer. They are highly adaptable employees who aren’t phased by big projects or a new environment. They can save your company from stalling on any major work.

Temps can cover a role while you look for a permanent employee

If you’re facing a serious staff shortage, looking for a new (permanent) team member will take time and effort that you simply don’t have. Hiring a temp employee eases the pressure a little whilst you consider your options. They can help ease the transition period after someone leaves a business without causing productivity to suffer.

It is a cost-effective recruitment solution

Temporary workers are a cost-effective option – the recruitment agency is responsible for undertaking the responsibility of recruiting, screening, skills testing, hiring workers, payroll, taxes, holiday pay and employers National Insurance contribution. So, you really won’t have to give it much thought beyond making the initial step to secure staff.

It can be a ‘try before you buy’ placement

This type of recruitment offers employers the opportunity to evaluate the new workers in action, without the financial commitment of a permanent job offer. You’ll have the chance to see how well they work in your team, so you should be in a good place to make an offer. It also offers the workers the chance to evaluate if the company and the job is right for them as well.

If you’re looking for a temp to cover summer holidays, long term sickness or maternity leave, we are confident we can help you make a positive placement. Contact our specialist temp recruiters to discuss your options – 0141 353 1133.


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