Benefits of Working for a Small Insurance Firm

Elaine McCrink

In my previous blog, I spoke about a career dilemma that may be familiar to many within the Insurance market: Do you aim for a big ‘brand’ or opt for a smaller company when seeking a new role?

A well-known brand might feel like a glamorous or safer option, but there is a lot to be gained from working at a smaller or family-run Insurance firm, particularly in terms of hands-on experience. They can often be much more personable than larger, corporate outfits.

So, put any misconceptions aside – there are many benefits to applying for work within a smaller Insurance firm. Here are just some of the reasons why it is a great career opportunity for any candidate to consider.

More hands-on

A smaller firm is more likely to ‘throw you in at the deep end’ rather than start you off with weeks of training. Whilst this might sound daunting (especially if you are at the beginning of your career) but, in most cases, it can be the best thing to really allow you to get to grips with a business and learn how everything works.

Varied workload

Within smaller firms, it is more likely that your role will have flexible elements wherein there will be crossover with other colleagues. This can actually be beneficial, as it will enable you to get a more general overview of the business and the market as a whole. It will also allow you to add a host of extra skills to your CV that you might not have otherwise been able to.


It makes perfect sense that you are more likely to strike up lasting relationships in a firm where there are less than 50 people compared to one with hundreds of employees. A small firm is actually a great way to network, meet people and establish yourself as a credible voice and a valuable asset within your market. There is also the potential to work alongside a really experience, thoughtful mentor when starting off in a smaller firm.

CV booster

When larger Insurance clients are recruiting, naturally they will look over your existing experience. With all this hands-on and varied experience you will have accumulated at a smaller firm, it can make you look like a far more appealing candidate with a wide skills set. This will demonstrate to potential employers that your skills are flexible.

Career progression

Don’t let stereotypes of small firms lead you to believe there are no opportunities there. If you work hard and establish yourself as an asset to the company – it is far easier to get noticed in a smaller workforce. You may find yourself climbing the career ladder relatively quickly or be offered other opportunities as a result.

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