Build Your Brand with HRC

We are living in candidate-driven times. Talented employees are in demand and this makes it harder to secure the best fit for your business. Candidates have greater choice – why would they choose you?

What differentiates your business to ensure the successful placement of the best possible candidate, not just someone who happens to be currently available?

Are candidates familiar enough with your brand – and everything you have to offer besides the job itself – that they would make a move?

The idea of blending marketing with recruitment is to make your business a more enticing prospect for candidates – particularly passive ones. The Build Your Brand service enables candidates to get a better feel for who you are, in terms of what is expected of them in the day-to-day, the culture and the offices. 

We believe it is this insight into a particular business that can help attract candidates who are otherwise not on the market or who aren’t familiar with your brand. We communicate with our candidates using the social media platforms they are already active on – key to starting a conversation. 

Our Build Your Brand products include:

  • Salary benchmarking
  • Press releases
  • Social media campaigns
  • Blog content
  • Video and creative imagery
  • Bespoke job adverts
  • Microsite

We work transparently; in complete collaboration with our clients from start to finish. We set realistic expectations and strive to over-deliver on every appointment. We get to know what makes your business run smoothly every day; what your goals are for strategic growth; where you see yourselves in your market. All of this fact gathering allows us to create a marketing campaign that is focused on adding real value to your recruitment process.

We believe our Build Your Brand service positions us uniquely in the market as it adds value to clients’ recruitment campaigns – long and short term. It gives clients exposure to a far greater pool of candidates, both active and passive, to meet their recruitment needs.

Speak to your recruitment consultant today for more information as to how we can bring your recruitment campaigns to life.


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