Outplacement Services

HRC in partnership with INTOO UK and Ireland

Outplacement is a support service provided by a business to help employees transition their careers following redundancy.

Providing effective outplacement support to those directly affected by organisational change can make a real difference, offering reassurance and ensuring a smooth transition for the individual. It also helps to maintain positive relationships, protecting your employer brand and business reputation whilst supporting your future ability to attract and retain talent.

For ‘surviving’ employees it reinforces commitment and protects engagement helping your business minimise the impact of change.

That’s why HRC have partnered with talent management business INTOO UK and Ireland to deliver effective and personalised outplacement support that makes a real difference to individuals and organisations.

Intoo Outplacement Redundancy

For Businesses – Why Partner With Us?

We partner with you to design and deliver successful outplacement programmes that limit the impact of change on your people and your organisation.

Our outplacement service absorbs the emotion of the situation and enables your employees to make practical, helpful decisions about the next steps in their career – minimising stress on remaining employees or damage to your employer brand. Attempting to minimise the ‘impact of change’ and move back to a normal operating state is key – outplacement is a valuable tool in supporting this agenda.

Moreover, it’s fundamentally the right thing to do for your people. Redundant employees may face considerable challenges as they seek new employment. By giving them access to Outplacement services, you could help to alleviate any stresses, fears or loss of business confidence.

With our support you can protect can protect your employer brand and create advocates, not adversaries.

For Candidates – How We Can Help

HRC has been operating in the Scottish markets for 25 years. Throughout that time, we have nurtured relationships and developed local connections with industry-leading companies. From entry-level roles to senior appointments, we thoroughly understand the Scottish jobs market – and how to prepare candidates for their next venture.

Our outplacement support is about people. It’s about you. It’s about developing a positive mindset, building confidence and giving people control back over their own choices. It’s taking the time to understand individual career aspirations and providing bespoke outplacement support, expert guidance, relevant tools and pragmatic advice that helps individuals quickly reconnect with their chosen career.

That’s why – in partnership with INTOO – we build our outplacement programmes around the unique needs and challenges of each person we support. Whether individuals are looking to find a similar role, change careers, set up their own business or even plan for retirement; we take the time to understand the person and their priorities; designing effective programmes that deliver results.

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