We understand what a graduate job search feels like. You’ve done the internships, updated your CV and filled in a million online application forms.

Why does nobody reply to these things anymore? Has it always been this hard to get a job? At times it feels like all you’ve got in your armoury is sheer determination – a quality that we absolutely seek out in potential recruitment consultants – and you just need an employer to be willing to take a chance on you.

As a recent grad, the memory of dissertation stress and finals isn’t too far away. You understand that there is a clear link between the effort you put in and the reward that you receive. Self-responsibility and awareness is important for you – you know that nothing comes for free.

Yes, good things come to those who … Work hard. Learning is not something that is reserved for the classroom. You absorb, reflect, adjust and implement every day.

Your friends say that you have an energy that they cannot quite keep up with, your family say you need to calm down a little – but you just like to work and play hard.

You want to set the pace in a group, you do not like meeting expectations because you know that with the right direction, you will exceed them.

If all of this sounds we’ve described you down to a tee, you could be part of the HRC family.

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