The Value of Getting a Part-Time Job Whilst Studying


As a former student, I understand that further education can get really expensive. There’s accommodation to pay for; books; food; nights out … It all adds up. More often than not, the solution is to secure a working role that will allow you to continue to study whilst picking up a paycheck.

But the benefits of getting a job go beyond the financial. You’ll be picking up skills – technical and soft – that could set you up nicely for life after university or college. Within the Major Accounts team at HRC, I get plenty of contract roles that would be suitable for further education students.

Here are just some of the benefits of working whilst studying:

Helps you with your CV

If you have just completed your education and are looking for your first job, you will no doubt be asked for a CV. Well – apart from your education to date and some references – what else can you include? Working full time during the long university summers or working full time alongside university will allow you to demonstrate some work history, enabling you to list your responsibilities and successes at your previous roles.

Can help with interview questions

Lots of job interview questions ask you to give examples of times when you have been successful / worked in a team / overcome a problem … How can you answer these if you don’t have any practical experience? By taking on job – whether that’s working in a bar or an office – you’ll get “real life” experience that will allow you to confidently answer these types of questions at an interview.

Learn life long work skills

Balancing your studies with a job demonstrates the ability to juggle responsibilities and deadlines. Working with the public allows you to acquire customer service and communication skills. Cash handling or handling confidential information demonstrates trustworthiness. Never being late demonstrates reliability. There is a whole host of skills that you will pick up that will enable you to become an astute and productive employee once you enter your chosen industry.

Stand out in a crowded market

When it’s graduation time, employers expect an influx of eager applicants. If you have done the same course as hundreds of others, how are you going to stand out? It could well be the skills and experiences that you have acquired working that make the difference. If a job description requires experience – as so many of them do – you will already have it. It can also help you get a foot in the door of your desired industry if your previous work correlates with the career path you are looking to follow.


Many employers value seeing different experiences on your CV – beyond your no doubt impressive academic results. You can also make new friends and learn how to network within a contract role – especially if it is relative to your degree. Contracted work can often expose you to colleagues from different backgrounds and experiences – something we can always learn from. Often, contracted work can lead to longer term positions.

If you would like to speak to me about contract roles whilst you study, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Click here to send me an email and we can discuss suitable opportunities.


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