Using A Recruiter in your Accountancy Job Search


Whether you are taking your first steps in your Accountancy Practice career or are simply looking for a change as a well-established candidate, beginning a job search can often be a tricky and uncertain path. That is why utilising a recruiter to breathe new life in to your job search is a good idea.

There are many things you will need to consider including culture fit, commuting times and opportunities for progression. It can be a daunting thought to start an entirely new workplace.

There are many advantages to bringing a recruiter on board. Your job search can be opened up and taken in directions you never thought of – not to mention the thorough interview preparation you will get.

Here are just some of the reasons my candidates in the Scottish Accountancy market – particularly within Audit and Tax – work with me.

Our extended network

It’s our job, as recruiters, to get to know the hiring managers our clients work with. We also get to know a wide range of candidates and decision makers across a wide spectrum of firms. That means, we are more likely to know when vacancies are coming up, and who would be a good fit for a particular move.

CV and interview advice

If you are an NQ, you may not know what to expect at interview stage. We thoroughly prepare all of our candidates for first (and second) stage interviews so that you’re not going in blind. We can also talk you through your CV, advising you on information to elaborate on and what to get rid of. We’ll also make sure that your CV doesn’t just in end up in an email black hole.

Find a culture fit

When you apply for a job, you don’t always know what you’re getting. Firms are always going to sell you on the positive. But what happens if you’re looking for flexibility and growth and the firm is a bit more traditional? Wouldn’t you like to know the beforehand? A recruiter will get to know you and only ever place you in a working environment where you will be comfortable and able to flourish.

Negotiate a better deal

You might not feel like you are in a position to ask for a better salary or flexible working hours, but a recruiter will always try and get you the best deal possible. Make them aware of any requirements you would like to be included in your next position, and they will always try to ensure that these will be part of the contract. Recruiters are great at selling their candidates as “added value” to a business.

Follow up and feedback

Once you are placed, we don’t just disappear. We want to know how you are settling in and if there is anything else we can help you with. We’ll also keep you in mind for any other positions that become available in the future that we think will enhance your career even further. And, if you haven’t been successful in securing a role, we’ll push an employer to provide helpful feedback to help improve your performance in future.

If you would like to speak to me about opportunities within Accountancy Practice, I would be happy to discuss your career confidentially. Click here to see my contact details.


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