Why Your Business Needs An Office Dog

Mary Palmer

In an attempt to make the workplace more comfortable and productive, many organisations have begun to allow pets in the office. In fact, it’s estimated that as many as a third of UK businesses have introduced new pet policies, allowing staff to bring their pet along to work and giving rise to the dearly loved office pup.

It’s easy to see why we all love having a dog in the office, they cheer you up on tough days, give you an excuse to get out of the office for a walk and not to mention, make for adorable Instagram photos. They may have been a new addition to the office but many small companies are beginning to see real benefits.

Encouraging teamwork and communication
Poor communication is one of the biggest hindrances to productivity. In offices where people tend to stick to themselves, dogs really are the perfect icebreaker. They give people an excuse to be social without feeling self-conscious about it, leading to deeper, more productive conversations.

Improving your team’s health
The benefits of exercise are self evident – improved concentration and increased productivity are amongst the many benefits. Encouraging daytime walks, a dog ensures that your team have an excuse to get away from their desks, stretch their legs and get some exercise. They can then come back after some much needed fresh air and take on a work challenge with a renewed perspective.

It’s an attractive culture to potential staff
Pet friendly offices are exactly the kind of relaxed and fun culture that many people want to work in. There’s no denying it, most people love dogs. And if you have allergies, that’s what the pet policy is there for – there are plenty of other pets that can bring some joy to the office. It’s different and attractive to candidates. As well, it’s a great perk to be able to bring your pet to the office – your staff can save on any additional costs to dog walkers or dog minders.

Dogs de-stress the team
Petting a dog is proven to de-stress you. The carefree, loving nature of a dog tends to help you see the bigger picture when faced with work related stress. Your staff won’t burn out as much allowing them to be more productive and more creative for your organisation. They’ll also be happier and more likely to stay with you.

It’s better for the dog too
Dogs who are out at work with their owners tend to be more accustomed to people. Rather than having pets at home who are restless and poorly behaved, our pets become better socialised. Pets and pet owners are happier when they get to spend time together. It’s a win win situation.


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